The world we live in sieges us, relentlessly shaping our minds and bodies. In that process we loose track of who we were originally -of who we are now. There are seconds of life, however, that escape this inexorable stream of experiences: brief episodes in which our humanity radiates, pristine and undisturbed. They are not epic episodes of heroism or dramatic tribulation, but everyday instants that have the luster of our first memories and transiently live in our conscience, nitid as daydreams. Evanescent as they are, those simple moments of essential humanity are the purpose of my art.

The figurative orientation of my sculpture is not surprising, then: it evokes moments universal to all, images that have a unique life. That life is what I attempt to convey, more than anything, in my bronzes -a sort of quiet, intense warmness that emanates from the artwork.

In my journey from evoked image to solid bronze, I rely on my past -my personal history- and I strive, above all, to be honest to myself. My tools are simple: form is for me a determinant tool, as I think form is not shaped by physical resemblance but by the ardency and vividness of the memory; and a structure is imperative for a correct spatial orchestration of each segment of the sculpture. Then, ironically, these mental, rational elements have to be excluded from my artwork, allowing just the essence to outlast.

Miguel Reynel
Tampa, January 2008.